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Discover the nobility and passion of Mexico in a unique chocolate.


We are premium Mexican Chocolate makers.  We return to the roots of traditional chocolate making; using “fine aroma” cacaos wisely cultivated and processed with artisanal mastery combined with state-of-the-art technology, to conserve and accent its richness and complexity.

While cacao is the essense and soul of our chocolate, we include a touch of sweetness from brown sugar, creating a blend of smooth and delicate textures, incorporating the acidity, bitterness and unique notes of the origin cacao, crafted into chocolate to delight the palate.

We conceived the idea of ​​an authentic Mexican Chocolate after visiting the cacao plantations in southeastern Mexico.


We were surrounded by aromas of pineapple, banana, mango, flowers and precious woods. the murmurs and songs of a living land resounded in our ears and the multicolored beauty of the cocoa pods filled our soul with joy, cocoa had embraced us with its magic.

Since then, we have worked to learn and develop the secrets hidden in the art of the finest chocolate that honors this noble tradition.


Made with ‘fine aroma’ cacoa from emblematic Mexican farms, where the notes and personality of each type of cocoa and its terroir unfold. Optimal for pairing with wines, tequilas, mezcales and fine liqueurs.


Available Sizes:

50g / 1.76oz


Made with our house blend from ‘thin’ cocoas. In percentage presentations of 99%, 85% and 65% cocoa. The 65% tablets also have variations with a touch of selected ingredients such as chili, grasshopper and sea salt, giving a twist to the senses that is without equal.


Available Sizes:

 50g / 1.76oz


Exquisite box of American oak holding nine tablets, with assorted collections or with chocolate of your preferred variety. With the option to purchase a disposable box of nine tablets to refill your Noble Cacao gift box.

Chocolate Pearls

Chocolate Lunettes with all the richness of fine Mexican cacao and just a touch of pure cacao butter balanced exquisitely  with the sweetness of brown sugar.

Perfect for preparing gourmet chocolate desserts, Mexican dishes and or fusion cuisine. Create a delicious hot chocolate beverage or add to nutritious health and sports blended drinks.

Our Commitment

We are chocolate makers who use cacao beans from the best harvests cultivated in a responsible and sustainable way.

We seek to protect the environment and the people who live from this fertile land. We are guardians of a legacy. We produce chocolate, we aspire to be recognized as ancestral heirs of cacao and its noble origins. The best things in life are rooted in authenticity and we make this an integral part of everything we do.


+ 52 33 3280 0211

Jalisco, México